Do you believe in coincidences?

I’ve recently decided I don’t. God orchestrates all things and I’ve witnessed too many of His miracles to believe anything happens without Him.

So, that is why I’m especially glad you’re here. There must be something you’re looking for! Are you interested in:

+ ministry ideas?
+ how your church looks to new people?
+ Free Bible study outlines?
+ encouragement for the weary times of parenthood?
+ reviews on the latest Christian books?
+ thoughts on approaching pre-Christians?
+ miracle stories?

If so, then you’ve landed in the right spot. You, my new reader friend, are why this blog exists. You’re always on my mind as I draft new posts, research supportive information and do final editing. I write so that you may be encouraged, inspired or even challenged.

If you ever have anything to say — suggestions, comments or even just hello! — feel free to comment below or contact me via email.

And to share a little more about me…

Back in the day (say, 2008), I married the best man on earth. No one knows me better and no one loves me better. He takes care of our family with wisdom and I’m overwhelmingly grateful for his life.

the drinkwaters get married! onefocusedmom.com

I’m a mama to a young toddler boy and his baby sister. They are 22 months apart!

drinkwater babies 2016 || onefocusedmom.com
For more of their cuteness, be sure to follow on Instagram @onefocusedmom.com

And if you’re still not convinced I’m not just a robot blogger (hehe), here are a few more random facts:

Things I Like

+ fresh new, blank notebooks/journals
+ Handel’s Messiah
+ almost any gummy candy
+ making lists
+ organizing events
+ movie theater popcorn
+ not being pregnant
+ dreaming of the future with my hubby
+ lamps (as opposed to overhead lighting)
+ turning the page on a calendar
+ singing VeggieTales songs with my kids
+ most anything Christmas-related

Things I Don’t Like

+ cheerful people in the morning 🙂
+ sarcasm
+ getting messy
+ cologne/perfume on anyone

Places I’ve Lived

+ Missouri, USA (1 place)
+ Kansas, USA (1 place)
+ Idaho, USA (9 places)
+ Washington, USA (3 places) — my current state!
+ Arkansas, USA (1 place)
+ Oregon, USA (3 places)
+ Nizhnii Novgorod, Russia (2 places)
+ Arequipa, Peru (2 places)
+ Quito, Ecuador (2 places)

A Few More Random Facts Because This is Fun

+ I haven’t found any lemon dessert I don’t love.
+ I once totaled my ex-boyfriend’s mother’s car.
+ I started college with mostly piano scholarships but lost them all when I switched to an accounting major.
+ I spent my 21st birthday at a rest stop.
+ My favorite flowers are tulips.

In the great sea of people on this earth, you and I have made a connection today. I pray that my words can strengthen, educate and challenge and that you’ll stick around for more dialogue. It all comes down to Jesus, learning what He desires for our lives and then living that out. Hopefully what you find on this blog helps you do just that.

Proclaim His salvation day after day.
Declare His glory among the nations, 
His marvelous deeds among all peoples. 
Psalm 96:2-3

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